Advertising is the greatest form of art of the century.

Our mission is to communicate creatively and innovatively to allow the customers of the brands to enjoy outstanding experiences.
Our advertising campaigns are mainly realized to make our clients win market shares, create listening conditions, attract new audiences… and eventually win awards (picto trophy)
A good campaign must at least leave the meeting room. If it’s good, it’ll speak for itself. It’s bound to please an influencer that will relay it, while adding his name to it, or our friends, wives, husbands, children and all our relatives who will want to spread it to the town.

Good campaigns are generally the tip of the iceberg

We attach a great deal of interest to the immersed part of campaigns.

For us, it’s the keystone that will determine the choice of the channels and their consistency, in order to achieve the expected results.
Of top of the assimilation of the great principles, we have the cult of the detail in all our approaches. From debriefing to PLV production or up to the goodies manufacturing, we build a red line with the sole goal of conveying the idea of our campaigns, while ensuring the quality of the execution and the consistency of the contents

What of the « strategic planning » at the era of Twitter, Instagram and many others?

When our teens have as many followers as Lady Gaga, Obama, the Pope François or Coca cola… how to choose the right channel for an idea? Or the right idea for a channel?
What should really concern the brands isn’t the technical side of the channels, but rather the creation of a consistent story.

Mixing the Creative-technologists and the Data-analysts

We’ve understood that the brands have increased needs in terms of skills, stories creation and networks proficiency. Alongside the essential specialists in corporate communication (the company can no longer hide behind its brands), we are « creative technologists » who work with « data analysts » to demonstrate and prove the best strategy that the brands can adopt.

Our media counseling is sometimes Unexpected

But if we can prevent our client from spending money, we encourage them to invest in content that makes a difference.
An effective content is a content that will be relayed naturally by conventional (or unconventional) Medias without having to spend a penny.
Our clients can’t all afford the 8PM TV news, some of them don’t even know the 8PM TV news, and others are only on Instagram, FB, Twitter, Youtube or Snapchat… and sometimes they aren’t even connected. On the other hand, they all have market shares to protect and win…